Cooking Class Marrakech

Morocco’s Kitchen is acknowledged to be one of the finest kitchens in the world! Would you like to know more about the spices, ingredients and kitchen secrets? Then you might be interested to participate in a Cooking Class!

A) With Souk Cuisine you will go to a local market to choose your own ingredients. You will visit a spice-shop and learn everything you already wanted to know about Moroccan spices. Then you take all your ingredients to a nice open-air Riad, where you will learn how to cook various dishes. This cooking class is supervised by the Dutch Gemma, together with her Moroccan assistants.
Time: 10am-3pm, price: 600 dhs pp. Included in this price are the shopping, the class, the lunch itself, recipes to take home and a glass of wine.
(We recommend this workshop especially for Dutch clients, but all nationalities are welcome.)

B) The second Cooking Class will take place in the beautiful Riad Monceau, not far from Riad Orange. The Moroccan chef-cook, a lady, already wrote her own cooking book. The entourage is superb, so is the food.
Time: 10.30am-1.30pm or 05.30-9pm, price 500 dhs pp. Included in this price are the class, the lunch itself, the recipes. Drinks are extra.
(We recommended this workshop especially for people who don’t want to walk too far.)